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eCanvas Spirit team is dedicated to create paramount digital art and make it easily accessible, ready to get right into your daily routine printed on your favorite objects sharing fresh energy, good vibration and joy.


With our work we are proving everyday that creativity is  limitlessly fueled by using the power of software, which magically materializes beauty and helps making it available to everyone, everywhere,  in so many ways.

We are a dynamic team driven by our passion for visual art and digital world in the same time, artists with IT background who spent between 5 and 20 years with digital art, image or video post-processing.  We have first set-up as a  team 7 years ago around our first brand, “by MiraMinerva”, which is still  part of our work identity. We address image and video artistic creation, mastering the state-of-the-art software platforms in this field, quickly adapting  to this  extremely demanding environment that we are  totally dedicated to.

As we deliver worldwide, our teammates work from several countries around Europe. Even if we work mainly from Romania and Malta we move around quite often in search of new projects and inspiration, so we can share a diversity of artistic experiences, concepts and styles. Moreover, we don't mind the physical distance since we are really close working together many hours every day using capable online resources.

We encourage you to get in touch with us for any matter you feel that we can help, find contact bellow on this page. 

So that is why eCanvas Spirit digital visual art boutique, has been  equipped with three effective channels that connect our people creativity directly with you and bring our products and services right in front of your eyes.


​First, eCanvas Spirit store

This is the core of our platform, the main store window that displays  our digital art  applied on quality everyday use products: wall-art, tech & gadgets, women clothing, bags & accessories , footwear, pillows & bedding, drinkware and more.

Please note that all the designs in the store are original and are the property of eCanvas Spirit,  no liabilities attached.

See Terms & Conditions

See Privacy Policy

We wish to be certain in every moment that the products  we associate our brand with are of paramount quality,  that's why we have chosen Printful as our fulfillment and shipping partner. Printful is a strong and reliable partner that manages a sustainable infrastructure worldwide, developed and validated in years, applies effective rules and procedures based on quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore we believe that eCanvas Spirit Store together with Printful offer unbeatable quality-price ratio for our products! 

Please, once you receive your package, check your order and find the Printful fulfilment/ return location with address and contact. However,  Printful will not communicate directly with the end user (you) except in very rare cases following our special request (eCanvas Spirit). For any issue we incorage you to contact by any of the channels below.

See the Shipping & Return

Second, photo and video editing 

We can help you turn photos that look flat and dull, or are imperfectly shot in any way, into statement pieces of work, because a simple touch can do magic with a picture if done by the right magic  wand ... or by the right skills and tools. 

We can help you turning  raw videos that failed to reproduce  the atmosphere that you wanted to capture when you had been filming ... into professionally retouched videos because we have the right skills and tools to do that.

We will transform your photos into stunning pieces of art  working  “by hand” with the best digital software tools!

Third, parners' stores  

Complementary to eCanvas Spirit store, we have  started to team up with three top platforms in the print on demand system Society6, Zazzle and RedBubble, so we have more ways to reach you.

Find our designs in a partner shop on each of the tree platforms, under the brand  name "by Mira Minerva.  The products we chosen to put our designs on are selected by quality and model,  are uniquely printed (you won't find it with the same design anywhere else) and complementary to eCanvas Spirit store.

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Whatsapp: 0040/ 723309051

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